What is a Concierge for my car, truck, or SUV?auto dealer with loaner car services, get car serviced and shuttle to work, pick up from work after having car serviced

  1. 1.

    (especially at John Eagle Honda of Dallas) a caretaker of an auto owner or lessee, typically one living or working on the premises helping car, truck, or SUV owners efficiently get checked in for service on their vehicles and then providing transportation from home and/or work.

  2. synonyms:


    the John Eagle concierge gave us a map of Dallas

    the Eagle Concierge drove me to work, had my car, truck, or SUV oil changed, picked me up from work to drive me to pick up my vehicle that was serviced

  3. synonyms:


    the auto dealership concierge gave us a map of downtown Dallas; picked me up at home driving me to work; picked me up at my job to bring me to pick up my car, truck, van, or SUV

    Auto dealer in Dallas / Fort Worth Texas with concierge services is John Eagle Honda Dallas


At John Eagle Honda of Dallas we realize that time is everybody's most important resource. So you do not sacrifice family time for scheduled or unscheduled servicing of a car, truck, or SUV we provide all of our customers with Eagle Auto Concierge Service. John Eagle Honda of Dallas.   By providing this service we provide you something others do not, a personalized and streamlined car-buying process, a loaner vehicle when you have your vehicle serviced, and in the event of necessary collision repair on your car, truck, or SUV.

If you decide to purchase a new or used Honda vehicle from John Eagle Honda of Dallas our Eagle Auto Concierge Service works for you.  No hassle, no haggle, no need to visit the dealership.  Finance documents and your new Honda delivered directly to you. We will streamline and accelerate your car-buying process while you attend to what is more important: the rest of your life.

Don't stress any more about buying a car because you do not have enough time to go to the dealership to test drive a new or used car and compare prices. Those days are over. 

John Eagle Honda of Dallas, the Best Price on a Car, Truck, or SUV

- Below-market, no-haggle pricing on all new Honda cars, vans, SUVs and trucks

- Free Service Loaners

- Collision Deductible Assistance

- Deeply discounted finance packages and special interest rates including extended warranties and other products designed to protect your investment

- Remote trade evaluation along with pickup and delivery of trade-ins

- At-Home Delivery (including bringing finance documents to you)


John Eagle Honda of Dallas

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